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Hoodie Cossack

The design is made in the sugar skull style, composed of national patterns, objects inseparable from the Cossack and his main life interests.

A picture in which a special meaning is hidden behind every detail. Here you will find the hetman's mace, sabers and pistols, a swallow as a symbol of freedom, an image of a charming woman, sunflowers symbolizing the sun and many other interesting things.

Care recommendations
So that a hoodie with a pattern retains its attractive appearance for years:

• Automatic washing in delicate or manual mode

• Water temperature - up to 40 degrees

• Before washing in the washing machine, turn the print inside out.

• Do not use bleaching or aggressive products

• iron outside in the Cotton mode

• possible shedding of micropiles, this problem disappears after the first wash, and the lint transferred to other clothes can be easily collected with a roller.

Material 80% cotton, 20% polyester, three-thread with pile
Тип друку Silkscreen
Фарби Plastisol
Тип Hoodie

Hoodie Cossack

SKU 11001
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