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FLASH! light gray melange. Red sleeve.
2 thread. 100% cotton. Large front view.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Flash (eng. Flash - Flash or Lightning) - im'ya, yak wore sprats of superheroes of comics. The First Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (September 1940).

Flash Volodya of the building to develop the swedishness, which transcends the swedishness of the world, and victorious superhuman reflections, which destroy the deeds of the laws of physics. Until then, they had been based on the character’s chotiri, as if they had allowed the building to develop super-sweetness and acted under the pseudonym of Flesh. The most popular, friend of the incarnation of Flash, Barry Allen, is considered the first hero of the Silver Age of Comics, and until now, he has been one of the most popular heroes of comics.

The Flash is a close friend of many superheroes who went by the pseudonym Green Lantern.

Strengths and abilities.

The flash of the building collapses, think and react with superhuman swedishness. Deyakі, specifically - pіznі versії, zdatni kolivatsya so fast that it gives them the ability to pass through your objects. Crimson all Flesh (six molecules and atoms) are protected from repeated training due to their superpowers (characterized by Speed Force).

Flash's speed is more similar to Superman's speed - the stench was repeatedly vilified in tsoma, and after Creasy on Infinite Earths, Flash managed to successfully overcome Superman during the hour of the devil's race, explaining that Superman did not instill constantly practice on high speed, most of the time flying less voltage.

Flash building read and receive information on the superstructure. The Martian Manhunter didn't dare to intimidate Flash with his telepathic powers, saying that his thoughts were too much. Putting his hands to the building and starting to vibrate, Flash building will destroy the building to sleep in a few seconds. Putting his hands to the ground (or shaking his feet), calling a small earthquake. It is also capable of making huge jumps after a strong acceleration.

Flesh is significantly more wine-producing than a splendid person, so as if it were a teddy bear and bone tissue, to show the grandeur of the vanity, calling out to it. Flesh loves food, especially licorice is often used, so it is like drinking a lot of glucose. There is no alcohol and drug speech on the Flash because of its accelerated metabolism - it burns the liver instantly. Regardless of everything, the Flash did not succumb to the old times and the expansion of the body (although Barry Allen was careful about this, if only he took away the zdіbnostі) - yoga cells were attached to change. More than that, the link from the Strength of Shvidkost allows him to cherubate with his age and significantly slow down the olden days of his loved ones.

Material 100% бавовна, двонитка
Тип Sweatshirt

Flash sweatshirt

SKU 110094
In stock
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