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Sweatshirt Popeye 

The history of the character began on September 17, 1929.

Popeye stands in front of readers and gazers as a sailor of the middle age with an independent character, his own voice and manner of movement (twisting words and “forging” sounds). Vіn stіyno primruzhuє one eye. The new one has a disproportionately divided front, on which there are two anchors (more - one), in the majority of the cartoons there are also disproportionately large eggs. At Popeye’s company, he invariably trims a smoking pipe from a corn head (like a vin, it’s often a whistle like a boatswain’s whistle). The rule, get it in the everyday life with great power (we can see the type of elephant, I have a tell of the tech into the Kstalta Litaka), ale in the critical situation, zipping with a bank, Z'ahita Sil Baga.

The high popularity of Popeye in the midst of children and children made it possible to popularize the cultivation of vegetables, and spinach itself. At the city of Crystal City, Texas, spinach growers erected a monument to the sailor Popeye as a sign of gratitude for help, I will give the spinach industry

Material 100% бавовна, двонитка
Тип Sweatshirt

Popeye 2 sweatshirt

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